How do I order a cake?

Call us at 216.227.2253

What cake sizes do you offer and how many do they serve?

(based on the industry “party size” of 1 1/2″ x 2″x 4 for round cake pieces  or  2″x2″ for sheet cake pieces)

8″ round serves 12-15     8″ square serves 20-25

10″ round serves 24-30  10″ square serves 40-45

12″ round serves 40-45

14″ round serves 60-70

1/4 sheet serves 12-15

1/2 sheet  serves 25-30

3/4 sheet serves 45-50

full sheet serves 60-70

How much notice do I need to place an order?

Keep in mind, IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO PLACE AN ORDER! To avoid any disappointment, a cake that is needed for a weekend should be ordered a week in advance. During the weekdays, a three day notice is recommended. We may be able to accommodate last minute orders, but is subject to the amount of orders that are ahead of yours.  Cakes that require artwork or more extensive labor may require even more time.

How should I transport my cake order?

Please make sure to transport your cake in the trunk of a car or SUV where it can sit level.   Not in a seat.  We cannot be responsible for issues which occur during transport.

Are the designs in your gallery all edible?

Yep. Even the high-heel shoe cake!

How much do you charge for wedding cakes?

Our buttercream wedding cakes start at $3.85per serving.

Are you able to work with large weddings?

Absolutely!   We have years of experience with events from a party of one (ever just want to celebrate you with a carrot cake?) to one thousand.   Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Do I need a consultation?

YOU DON’T NEED A CONSULTATION FOR A TIERED CAKE THAT SERVES LESS THAN 100 SERVINGS. If you are going to have a tiered cake that will serve a minimum of 100 servings, we would highly recommend setting up an appointment.  If you are having a cake that will serve less than 100 you can come in any time and one of our sales associates can help you select a cake. While we do our best to accommodate your schedules, Saturdays are our busiest day of our week.  A weekday time is best if possible. Please call the shop to check availability.

Is there a charge for wedding consultations?

Yes, it is $20. You will get personal time where you can discuss and finalize your personalized wedding cake. You will sample cake flavors and talk through the many options for your cake during this time. You will also get to take home with you two single layer 6″ round cakes for anyone who was not able to come to the consultation to taste the cake.  The $20 counts towards your wedding cake if you choose to book with us.

Can I bring my mom to the wedding consultation?

Please do!  We have plenty of space for those who would like to help in this process. But keep in mind the more people that come the more opinions that have to be sorted through.  We find it best if the bride and groom come with one or two helpers.

 Do you rent the greenhouse space?

Yes we do! It is perfect for baby and bridal showers!

Can you decorate a cake to based on a cartoon or movie character?

We cannot duplicate the image of a licensed character, however we can decorate in colors which compliment the character so that you may add your purchased theme decorations.

Can I email my order to you?  

We are not able to accept online orders at this time.   Call us or stop in to place your order, this will ensure that we have all the necessary details to ensure you are happy with your order.

What if I forgot to order a cake and need something delicious?

We will always have beautiful and tasty treats available at our shop.  Just stop in and we’re sure you’ll find just what you need.  We will have whole cakes available on a first come basis, pretty tarts, and much more.

Can I get a quote over the internet?

There are many different elements that affect the cost of a cake. In order to get an accurate price, it is best to call and talk with one of our employees about your cake.

How are cakes priced?

They are based upon three main things: ingredientstime, and labor. Simple cakes with basic designs and writing utilize the base prices. The more artwork you decide to put on the cake, the more time and labor it will take to make it, therefore raising the price.